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Willi’s Word

In 1995, the parish Council Executive, in response to a growing need for increased communication with the wider St. Willibrord community, decided to publish a newsletter, “Willi’s Word”, to be distributed three times a year - February, June and October. Its mandate is to keep everyone, especially those who do not attend Mass at St. Willibrord’s every week, informed of upcoming Parish events and plans, such as special liturgical celebrations, study days or social functions. It is also intended to remind us of our long and treasured history through articles recalling the past.

Successful from the outset, “Willi’s Word” has gone from an initial printing in February, 1996, of 600 copies to the most recent mailing which exceeded 1000 copies, dispatched to every corner of the continent. With the advent of our Parish web site, “Willi’s Word” will soon be available online (as well as by mail). In addition to our current issue, the Parish website will eventually make available copies of some of the previous issues.

Newsletters are in pdf format (Adobe Acrobat Reader required ).

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