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Pilgrimages are an opportunity when one can spend some special time with the Lord. Every year, St Willibrord’s organizes several pilgrimages.

In May 2012, we visited Ste. Anne de Beaupre shrine east of Québec City, travelling together by air-conditioned coach bus (click to see page). Different groups of participants visited the basilica, the Jerusalem cyclorama, the Ste. Anne museum, and the outdoor Way of the Cross.

In July 2011, about 18 parishioners visited Our Lady of the Cape Shrine in Cap de la Madeleine (click to see page). We toured the shrine and prayed the rosary in the rosary garden. We also visited the tomb of Blessed Father Frederic Jansoose, the former director of the Shrine, a man who was well known at the time for spreading the word of Christ. According to the Shrine’s website, “he spread the devotion to Our Lady of the Cape and to the Passion of Our Lord throughout the province of Quebec and established the Third Order of St. Francis.” The group learned about the history of the shrine including the miracle that happened in March 1879 with the ice bridge.

St Willibrord’s parishioners shared their mass and prayer times with other pilgrims who were visiting the shrine. Each person’s experience was different. It was a time where friendships were strengthened as each person responded to the call. On the way home, we were serenaded by Fr. Stephen, as he played his harmonica. It truly was a wonderful trip.

In the month of May 2011, we have our “annual” pilgrimage to Notre-Dame de Bon Secours Chapel in Old Montreal. Bon Secours has a great significance for our church because of the special relationship with the CND sisters, whose foundress, Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys, had the church built in the 1600’s.

In 2010 we visited the Shrine of Mary, Queen of All Hearts in Chertsey, Quebec. More than 20 pilgrims visited the Monastery of Bethlehem, had a complete guided tour of the Shrine, visited the Sisters’ chapel, celebrated mass and enjoyed a picnic lunch.

During the two weeks of bible camp our children visit many of our local Shrines here in Montreal, such as St. Joseph’s Oratory, where they learn early history of our faith here in Montreal and where they have a chance to celebrate Mass with Fr. Stephen Otvos.

Don’t want to miss out on the experience? Look to our bulletins to find out where we are going to venture next.

Pilgrimage to Chertsey - May 29, 2010