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Parish Retreats

Each year parishioners treat themselves to an opportunity to step aside from the “ordinary” - the noisy business of life. Once or twice a year we spend time away from the Parish for intellectual and spiritual nourishment, for prayer and for just plain old rest. A day or a weekend spent at a retreat centre with input from an invited retreat facilitator, in an atmosphere of restful reflection leaves them refreshed, energized and always in joyful gratitude before the goodness of their God.

Sister Barbara Reid from Catholic Theological Union at the University of Chicago has been an especially treasured speaker in recent years.

St. Willibrord’s organizes both adult and youth retreats.

Children aged from eleven to sixteen have been taking advantage of this unique opportunity to escape from the city and spend some time in the outdoors not too far from Montreal to blend play with prayer in weekends of community building games and spirit nurturing prayer experiences.

These children are exposed to prayer in its many forms; Taizé song, the Rosary, guided meditations are not uncommon on these retreats. Thanks to the young-adult catechists who lead these retreats, children are introduced to these forms of prayer in a manner that is very accessible and even a whole lot of fun!

Keep an eye out for the next retreats; they will be announced in our Parish Bulletin.