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Pastor Retirement

It is with a tremendous feeling of gratitude that Father Joseph “Joe” Cameron reflects back on his 35 years as Pastor of St. Willibrord Parish. “I feel very grateful for having served there all those years and for being in good health. The people of Verdun, the people of St. Willibrord are very appreciative. This is the nature of the Parish.”

The church was filled to the rafters on Sunday, August 30, for Father Cameron’s farewell celebration. Hundreds of parishioners and the large parish diaspora, who support the parish and call it home, turned out. In addition, many Verdunites, both anglophone and francophone, who have been touched by Cameron’s ministry came. Several longtime friends and parishioners paid tribute. A reception attended by several hundred people was held in the church hall afterwards.

Father Cameron returned to St. Willibrord’s in October for the annual Fall Fair, a major Parish fundraiser and social event, and for the feast-day Mass on November 8.

On Sunday, November 8, 2009, the Parish celebrated the patronal feast of Saint Willibrord. A special aspect of this celebration was the presentation of the Medal of Merit which was given on behalf of the government of Québec by the local MNA, Mr. Henri-Francois Gautrin. Mr. Gautrin elaborated on Father Cameron’s 35+ years of service to the community of Verdun and stated that the government was very pleased to acknowledge his good work. Mr. Gautrin told the congregation that he had given a two-minute synopsis on Father’s life as our Pastor in the National Assembly last week. The presentation of the Medal was met with a standing ovation by the parishioners and humbly accepted by Father Cameron.