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Rite of Christian Initiation - Adults

The Christian Life is a journey that takes one in many directions. RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) for many is part of this voyage that takes them on a new journey of faith. It is for adults of all ages who have questions similar to the following:
Who is God?
What is the holy trinity?
Do Catholics worship Mary?
I grew up inside the Catholic Church, now what does this all mean?
What do Catholics believe?
I’m curious about the Catholic Church but I don’t know where to go to learn more about it?
I am missing some sacraments but I don’t know how to get them?
I am thinking or I am desiring to become Catholic how can I join the church
And many more questions.

If someone is asking these questions, RCIA at St Willibrord might be the right place for them because it’s here where these questions can be answered and addressed.

RCIA begins at the end of September and runs a few weeks after Easter. Meeting every two weeks, we will begin with the basics of the Christian faith such as what is the Trinity and gradually discuss other topics such as what is the liturgical calendar, who is the Virgin Mary, what are the seven sacraments and more.

Q- I am from another religious background but I want to learn more about the Catholic Church, is it okay if I come to learn even though I have no intention of becoming Catholic.
A- Yes, but keep in mind that the addressed material is coming from a Catholic perspective. The Catholic Church is big on ecumenicalism and sharing it’s teachings with others. We ask that you come with a learning and open heart.

Q- Do I have to come every session?
A- Learning about the Catholic Church takes a life time to discover. That said, it is also important to come to as many sessions as possible. The more you come, the more you will learn. We just ask that you call ahead of time, if you are going to be absent.

Q- I am interested in RCIA but I have other commitments on Tuesdays. What can I do?
A- Contact the office to arrange a meeting with Fr. Stephen to see if other arrangements can be made.

Q- Is there a cost to it?
A- It is offered free of charge. Donations to the church are always welcome. Participants are encouraged to bring a copy of the Catholic Bible, as well as a pen and notebook to take notes in. As time passes by, the person might want to purchase a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church that is available at Chapters, Indigo, Amazon or at visit Theologia Book Ministry website.

Q- I am interested in becoming Catholic, when will I join the church? What is the process?
A- Generally, the person will meet the priest before RCIA begins, then sometime in December, early January to discuss where they are at. If the person was baptized in another Christian denomination, it is a good idea to start the motion of getting a copy of their baptism certificate as early as October because sometimes it can take months to get it. The process will be explained in greater detail at the first meeting.

Q- When does the person receive their missing sacraments? When does one join the Church?
A- According to tradition, generally a person is received at full communion at Easter Vigil. There are some rare occasions when a person is received on a feast day or another day that is agreed upon between the priest and the individual.It’s best to join when you are ready.

Q- I took RCIA once before at another place, can I take it again?
A- Yes. Sometimes a person need to be sure if Catholicism is for them.

Q- If a person is exploring the Catholic church, is there an obligation to join it at the end?
A- No. Here at St Willibrord, we believe that Christianity is a journey. If you aren’t ready to take that big step, it perfectly alright to wait until you are ready. At the end some of your colleagues might join the church but don’t feel obliged to join at Easter Some people will join at the end, others will explore for many years before they are ready to take that big step. It’s also common for people to take RCIA a few times before they join. Regardless of where a person is at, the most important thing we hope everyone will do is to come with lots of questions and know that you are in a safe and caring environment. If you are uncomfortable asking questions during the sessions, make an appointment and speak with Fr Stephen outside. Here at St Willibord, we like to ask questions and seek God in everything we do.

Visit RCIA website for more information about the process.

Here at St Willibrord we love it when people ask questions therefore if one decides to do RCIA with us, it will be our pleasure to answer them to the best of our ability.