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A Look at the Meaning of Christmas!

As I reflect upon the mystery of Christmas this year I am drawn once again to the meaning of ďincarnation.Ē I am drawn to this word because of the reality it signifies. While there is nothing wrong with the warm rosy pictures of baby Jesus in lying comfortably in a straw-filled manger with farm animals and Joseph and Mary at his side, the faith that we as Christians are called to have should look further than these lovely images.
The "Incarnation" is that unique divine gesture of Godís infinite compassion that lead him to partake of the frailty of life, becoming one with us, one of us, like us in every way except sin. What better way to understand the immensity of Godís love for humanity than to recognize Godís trust and confidence in allowing his Son to be born into this world, to share in the delicate nature of this life, so that we can share in the strength and Glory of life divine.
Jesus, resting in the protective comfort of his motherís arms so that we can one day rest eternally with God, is the most profound gift given to us. It is a redeeming gift taking us from sinfulness to a life of grace. He came to us in weakness and poverty and left us in the same way revealing to us that we are not to be content or satisfied with earthly gain, and that only by a living faith will we be truly fulfilled.
This Christmas for us can be a new turning point in our lives. It can be renewal for us with the presence of Christ Jesus, allowing him to transform our lives so that he can transform the world. May Christ Jesus be with you this Christmas season, and may the joy of His presence radiate through you to all you meet.

God Bless
Yours in Christ

Fr Stephen Otvos

Posted on Tuesday December 08 2009


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