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Lenten Meditation

Dear Parishioners:

On the threshold of the Year of Faith, from, October 11th, 2012 to November 24th, 2013 we prepare once again celebrate the Holy Week leading up to Easter. For our meditation I offer you a look at the crucifix of San Damiano which touched the heart of St Francis of Assisi. The art historian Solrunn Nes states: “This crucifix depicts Christ as victor over death. He does not hang from the cross, he stands and shows no sign of suffering. His eyes are open, his arms stretched out and his feet are parallel. His head inclines slightly to one side and his posture is welcoming. This reflects the words of the Gospel

‘And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to myself” (Jn 12, 32)

It is historically incorrect to depict the crucified Christ with open eyes and a bleeding wound, for his side was pierced after his death. This cross reveals its deeper meaning by ignoring sequential time. The cross is like an altar where the sacrifice was made, and Christ himself is both the sacrifice and the priest who brings the offering. When the crucified Christ is portrayed as awake and with an open wound in his side, it is a manifestation of Christ’s living presence in the Eucharist. It is the resurrected and living Christ who gives himself in bread and wine.
Just as God opened Adams side and formed Eve, so the Church, also called the second Eve and Christ’s bride, has its origin in Christ’s open wound.” Through the act of offering himself on the cross Christ demonstrates the very essence of love.
This Easter we as Church are called to pass on that divine love, to share our experience of it, and to allow ourselves to be caught up in and drawn to Christ.
I and the pastoral team, Helene Di Lallo, Chris Ramdhanie and Yvonne Pelling want to wish you all a beloved Easter.

Fr Stephen Otvos

Posted on Thursday March 08 2012


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