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Our pastor, Father Gregory Nuñez, entered the seminary in 1984 at the very young age of 12, finishing all the academic and canonical requirements in 1996. He took further studies in psychology and trained in clinical pastoral counselling at the Philippines Heart Center before he was ordained in 1996. As a new priest, he volunteered to work in the missions, became a youth director, and parish administrator. He also served as a parochial vicar in four parishes. He was about to work in the Solomon Islands when the Archdiocese of Montreal asked for him to be loaned to the archdiocese for a year from his own archdiocese, the Archdiocese of Caceres, Philippines, to serve as the chaplain of the Newman Centre.

Founder and First Pastor
Father Patrick McDonald

Father Martin P. Reid

Father Frederick Elliott

Canon J. J. Stanford

Father William Byrd

Father George Thoms

Father Joseph Cameron

Father Stephen Otvos

Father Gregory Nuñez