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St. Willibrord’s parish offers the complete range of sacraments at different times during the year.


The first sacrament of Christian initiation into the Catholic faith is celebrated for infants once each month. Preparation for Baptism includes a home visit to the parents by a member of the Baptism team and an evening of discussion on the sacrament for the parents and Godparents at the rectory. Those wishing to have their infant children baptized are invited to contact the rectory during office hours.


The sacrament in which the seal of the Holy Spirit is given to those already baptized in order to make them strong Christians and fervent followers of Jesus, is celebrated once a year during the month of May or June. Preparation for pre-adolescents and sponsors begins during the month of September. For more information contact the Pastor at the rectory.

First Communion

The first Eucharist for baptized children is celebrated during the month of May. Preparation for children and parents begins in September. Contact the rectory for registration no later than early September. If your child is of age for First Communion but has not yet been baptized, please contact the Pastor for information as to how to proceed.