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Hospitality Centre

Primarily sponsored by The Mother Teresa Endowment Fund at The Calgary Foundation.

Back in 1984, our ‘Soup Kitchen’ had as its origin the fulfillment to a calling and challenge as shared by Bishop Leonard J. Crowley. At that time, there was great awareness of many who were going hungry and seeking shelter and friendship. Times were made extremely difficult by inflation and high unemployment leaving many in extreme difficulty. St. Willibrord’s rose to the occasion and opened its heart and doors in the creation of ‘The Hospitality Centre’ located at 320 Rielle Street.

Responding to the call and pioneering in this new venture came the first coordinator, Mr. Peter Le Blanc. He worked tirelessly and dedicated many hours to the start-up and organization of his newly appointed task. Under the love and care of its current coordinator, Tess Allonar, roughly 50 to 75 friends are welcomed into our Sodality Hall on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week beginning late October until the end of June between the hours of 9:30 AM and 12:30 PM.

Our Soup Kitchen offers homemade soup, sandwiches and friendship to all who make their way to its doors. This provides an important focus for the many folks in our area that are living on their own. There is a rotating team of dedicated volunteers who come to prepare this delicious food, and in particular welcome and socialize with all whom they are privileged to serve. Among the devoted volunteers are students drawn from several high schools in the Montréal area who come and serve and in the process gain a sense and understanding of what it is to be caring and empathetic towards our hungry brothers and sisters.

The need appears ever greater these days - what came as a challenge back in 1984 in response to a cry for humanitarian aid is now a way of life in that we are called to be present to ‘feed the hungry’. This mission would not exist were it not for the many donations, including a recent check for $1500 from the St. Patrick Society, offered in love and care for our brothers and sisters so that St. Willibrord’s ‘Hospitality Centre’ continues to be present to all.