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Children’s Liturgy

“Let the Children come to me.” Mark 10 : 14

At our Sunday 10:30 AM Eucharist the children go apart with their catechists after a blessing by Father Otvos to learn the Word of God in drama and stories.

They celebrate the Liturgy of the Word by listening to the Gospel reading of the day. Either an arts and crafts activity is worked on or the reading can be acted out in a Bible drama. On feast days and other special occasions, the children often prepare something to share at Mass.

Over the course of the year, the children become acquainted with gospel stories, gospel writers, prophets, the apostles and most importantly, Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Father. Every week, they hear about God’s great love for them and His expectations. They are reassured of God’s forgiveness and of God’s presence in their life. For more information on Children’s Liturgy or Sacramental Preparation, please call the Rectory at 769-9678 and leave a message for Hélène DiLallo or click to register online.