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Twice a year, St Willibrord parish proudly hosts young adults from the Montreal Challenge movement as they go on a weekend of faith. During the weekend, known as the “Challenge Weekend”, young adults ranging from 18 to 30 gather together to learn more about Christ and the Catholic Church. Through various sessions, music games and more, God moves in all the organizers and participant’s lives.

Challenge has been in Montreal since 1996. They began to have their retreats at St. Willibrord parish since Fall 2010. In addition to Fr. Stephen being pastor at St. Willibrord parish, he is also the spiritual leader of the movement since 2010. Challenge and St. Willibrord work independently of each other but they come together for the Challenge Weekends.

Challenge weekends are held biannually in October or November, then in late February or March. Outside the Challenge weekends, the group then meets every Friday at Congress Hall at St Patrick’s Basilica from September to June and at the Mary Queen of the World Cathedral from July to August.

If you are a young person wanting to learn more about the Catholic faith, the Challenge weekend might be the place to be. To register for the next one or to attend a Friday evening meeting, please click here to visit the Montreal Challenge website.

A personal testimony from a previous participant: “My Challenge experience was a real blessing from God. This retreat gave me the opportunity to deepen my faith in fellowship and unity with my peers. Spending three days in a welcoming parish like St. Willibrord allowed us all to experience another special Challenge Weekend to worship the Lord with other young adults by hearing touching witnesses, having meaningful conversations, by singing, by having a night of adoration and much more. All the Challengers were so warm hearted and with a real desire to know and thank God for all of His grace. The theme of our Challenge Weekend 23 was inspired from the Psalm 23! Therefore, at the end of this retreat we realized more than ever that the Church is filled with young Catholics, with a real passion for their faith, who can say with confidence that ‘The Lord is my Shepherd’. Thank you to Fr. Stephen Otvos and all the parishioners of St. Willibrord for their support to our youth movement, to take the time to be present at our closing Mass and for allowing us to experience Challenge 23 in their parish. Thanks be to God.” – Karim Khouzam

Challenge 26 Retreat - March 9-11, 2012