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Parish Bulletin

Sunday June 12 2011

Board of Wardens
Marie Lafleche Steve Pine
Patrick Pellerin Dan Ormsby
Nicholas Pinto Susan McCann

Staff: Yvonne Pelling Secretary
Helene Di Lallo P.C.L.
Chris Ramdhanie Custodian

351 Willibrord Avenue, Verdun, H4G 2T7
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PASTOR ~ Rev. Father Stephen Otvos


Saturday: 5:00pm
Sunday: 10:30am
Tuesday 4:30pm
Wednesday: 7:30pm
Thursday & Friday: 8:00am

CONFESSIONS will be heard 15 minutes before each Mass ~ weekdays and weekends.

Baptisms will take place on the fourth Sunday of the month at 12:00 noon. Parents wishing to have their child baptized are asked to contact the Parish Office, 514-769-9678, for details. A meeting with Parents and Godparents is a pre-requisite.

Please note: Godparents must be baptized and confirmed in the Catholic Faith to be eligible to serve as sponsors.

Pentecost, Baptism and Confirmation, a Gift of the Spirit. This Pentecost Sunday we have the privilege to welcome a new member into our community, Isla Rachel Marie Lambert who through Baptism will become a child of God and a member of the Church.
We are all reminded that our baptism makes us children of God. Baptism connects us to Christ’s death and resurrection and allows us to live life in the Spirit. Confirmation is an activation of the gifts of the Spirit which we explored in the last bulletin. Confirmation also roots us more deeply in our relationship with God as his children; it also connects us more closely to Christ and the Church.

At Pentecost the church was born and so we can understand the deep connection the sacraments of initiation have with the Church. It is the way the Church renews herself. We are all called to renew and welcome the Holy Spirit in our lives. The Church describes the very real effects of life lived in the Spirit. It transforms us and helps us live in virtue and holiness. These real effects are known as the fruits of the Holy Spirit. They are: Charity, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Generosity, Gentleness, Faithfulness, Modesty, Self-control, and Chastity. The more we live in the Spirit of God the more of these fruits we will taste, and the more God’s kingdom will be felt. Let us all say: Come Holy Spirit, come.

Fr. Stephen Otvos
Parish BBQ
To help celebrate our fathers’, the parish council is hosting a BBQ here at the church on Sunday June 19th after the 10:30am Mass. Welcome to all!

There is some interest in having a pilgrimage this summer possibly to Cap de la Madeleine. We are looking into all our options and we really need to know if there is enough interest to warrant this expense. One possible date is Saturday July 16th. Please call the rectory to confirm your interest.

Suggestion Box
At the open parish council meeting, it was proposed that we place a suggestion box at the back of the church where people can feel free to leave comments, questions, ideas or concerns about liturgy, social activities, and just about anything else. Please look for it in the coming week.

Our Food Pantry
We will be doing a major overhaul of our food pantry, within the coming months in order to make the area more functional. We will still be accepting food donations for the soup kitchen and emergencies. Thank-you!

This week’s special request is Canned beans, such as Kidney beans.

Our Summer Bible Day Camp
Look for our ad in the Verdun Messenger. Please take the time to mention it to friends and neighbours. If you would like to donate supplies, food or even help a family send their kid to camp, please just call the rectory. Thanking you in advance for your support!

Corpus Christi
Please note that there will be no Mass on Wednesday June 22nd, as we will be attending the Diocesan Celebration of Corpus Christi. Please feel free to join us at Notre-Dame Basilica at 7:30pm followed by procession with the Blessed Sacrament to St. Patrick’s Basilica. See the posters at the back of church for more info.


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