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Parish Bulletin

Sunday April 24 2011

Easter is the promise that death does not complete life but only changes it. Easter reminds us that, through the midst of the struggles and pains that life often offers us, from the most tragic to the everyday toils, Godís comforting presence encourages us to persevere and hope in him. The Easter mystery of Christís death and the resurrection experienced during holy week by the faithful, reminds us that we have been marked by the saving life of Christ, we have been made new as followers of Jesus. The tomb could not hold the Lord of life. There is no more need for fear or despair. Christ has conquered the darkness and brought in his resurrection the divine light that enlightens all people.
In the Word and the sacraments we as a community have experienced this light, and welcomed it in our lives, and now are called to share that light to all we meet.
Easter is Godís glorious answer about the significance of our lives. Our own lives are to be glorious examples of Godís work of Grace in our world, where by our words and deeds we witness that Christ indeed is Risen.
From now on then, the only experience worth living for and dying for, is the experience of the first disciples, to be one of them who has seen the Lord, to know that he is risen, and to share in that incredible Joy.

Happy Easter to all!

Fr Stephen Otvos

Our Good Friday Walk
We were pleased to see so many people at our Good Friday evening walk. We extend a thank you to the City of Verdun for allowing us again this year, to our local police station for escorting us and to our friends in Christ who joined us.

Going Away
Fr. Stephen will be away next week, April 25-29th attending the Seventh Annual Seminar for Priests, in Pembroke, MA. The conference is entitled:ďThe Word of God in the life and Ministry of the PriestĒ. We wish him a good week and a safe journey.


A special thank you to our wonderful choir, lead by Paul La Fontaine and Tom Battcock who rose above and beyond to provide us with such inspiring and spiritually uplifting music


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