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Parish Bulletin

Sunday April 10 2011

Board of Wardens
Marie Lafleche Steve Pine
Patrick Pellerin Dan Ormsby
Nicholas Pinto Susan McCann

Staff: Yvonne Pelling Secretary
Helene Di Lallo P.C.L.
Chris Ramdhanie Custodian

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Saturday: 5:00pm
Sunday: 10:30am
Tuesday 4:30pm
Wednesday: 7:30pm
Thursday & Friday: 8:00am

CONFESSIONS will be heard 15 minutes before each Mass ~ weekdays and weekends.

Baptisms will take place on the fourth Sunday of the month at 12:00 noon. Parents wishing to have their child baptized are asked to contact the Parish Office, 514-769-9678, for details.
A meeting with Parents and Godparents is a pre-requisite.

Please note: Godparents must be baptized and confirmed in the Catholic Faith to be eligible to serve as sponsors.

Called Home to God
Raymond Harrison

husband of Dorothy Harrison,
The funeral Mass was held here Saturday April 9th, 2011 at 1pm.

May He Rest in Peace

Lent and Stewardship
During this time of renewal, you are being asked to look at your priorities and the needs of the world and our parish. You should use this period of renewal to consider how you can share some of your God-given time and talents for God’s work. What are God’s gifts to you? How do you know what you can share? Where do you begin?
To be responsible stewards of time and talent, you must begin with an honest inventory of yourself. All you are comes from God. Your very life is God’s gift, and the daily sustaining of your life is proof of God’s continuing desire that you develop your talents and share them.
To become good stewards, you need to know yourself as God does – to take stock of your gifts. Good stewardship obliges you to take time for payer and reflection, to assess your gifts, your time, your ordering of life priorities. This self-inventory is the beginning.
Stewardship is itself a gift from God.

"I really only love God as much as I love the person I love the least."
Dorothy Day, founder of the Catholic Worker Fifth Sunday of Lent
“The trouble with nearly everybody who prays is that he says ‘Amen’ and runs away before God has a chance to reply. Listening to God is far more important than giving Him our ideas.”
~Frank Laubach
– Christina Evangelical Missionary
The purpose of fasting is to loosen to some degree the ties which bind us to the world of material things and our surroundings as a whole, in order that we may concentrate all our spiritual powers upon the unseen and eternal things.
~Ole Kristian O. Hallesby
-Norwegian Theologian
He who gives alms in imitation of God does not discriminate between the wicked and the virtuous, the just and the unjust, when providing for men’s bodily needs.
~St. Maximos the Confessor

To all those who worked at the flea market and helped to make it a success. As well, to all those who stayed behind to prepare the hall for the Anointing Mass, Sunday morning. The transformation was truly “miraculous”! Our Food Pantry
This week’s special request Breakfast foods

Today is Solidarity Sunday. Perhaps you have been following the activities and almsgiving suggestions in the Development and Peace’s Discover a World of Justice Calendar. Solidarity Sunday is a wonderful time to donate the alms you have collected. Through Development and Peace you can watch your gift grow in the hands of those with the least in Africa , Asia , Latin America and the Middle Est. Thank you for your generosity

Children’s Liturgy
Next Saturday, April 16th at 11:30am, the faith formation students will be celebrating the Passover Seder. Also, please note that there will be no Children’s Liturgy at the 10:30am Mass on Sunday.

Lenten Retreat – This Evening

Everyone is welcome to join us tonight for this year’s new and special retreat. We hope to see many of you here and there!!

Sunday April 10th – 7:00pm - St. Willibrord Church with Fr. Gerard Martineau

Monday April 11th – 7:00pm – St. Jean Brébeuf
with Fr. Stephen Otvos


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