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Parish Bulletin

Sunday February 27 2011

Board of Wardens
Marie Lafleche Steve Pine
Patrick Pellerin Dan Ormsby
Nicholas Pinto Susan McCann

Staff: Yvonne Pelling Secretary
Helene Di Lallo P.C.L.
Chris Ramdhanie Custodian

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PASTOR ~ Rev. Father Stephen Otvos


Saturday: 5:00pm
Sunday: 10:30am
Tuesday 4:30pm
Wednesday: 7:30pm
Thursday & Friday: 8:00am

CONFESSIONS will be heard 15 minutes before each Mass ~ weekdays and weekends.

Baptisms will take place on the fourth Sunday of the month at 12:00 noon. Parents wishing to have their child baptized are asked to contact the Parish Office, 514-769-9678, for details.
A meeting with Parents and Godparents is a pre-requisite.

Please note: Godparents must be baptized and confirmed in the Catholic Faith to be eligible to serve as sponsors.
Looking Ahead…
100th Anniversary Celebration
We are currently looking for volunteers to form a committee that will be responsible for organizing our 100th anniversary celebration. Call us if you’re interested.
As well, feel free to put suggestions in the box at the back of the church.

Open Parish Council Meeting
This spring we will be having a meeting to look ahead at our next 100 years to determine, if and how, we need to adapt to better serve our ever evolving faith and social communities.

Evangelization and the revitalization of parish life.
Evangelization is rising on the priority list of every parish and diocese across the country; however, it has not yet fully taken root as the essential mission of the church.
Most parishes are maintenance-oriented. They focus their attention, resources, and energy primarily on the people who are already there. Little attention is directed outward, toward mission.
One of the reasons parishes tend to favour maintenance over mission is that being mission-oriented is difficult. It is easier to take care of our own than to reach out to the stranger, the inactive Catholic, or the person with no church family. Making evangelization the essential mission of the Church demands a change on many levels, especially in our vision of church, our understanding of the sacraments, particularly baptism (the call to become active disciples), and our spirituality(missionary).
Embracing the missionary vocation of the church might be the very thing that is needed!
Evangelization is that pastoral strategy, stressed by Paul VI at Vatican II, to renew the church so that the church can in turn bring the good news to the world.
(From Maintenance to Mission by Robert S. Rivers, CSP, Chapter two)

World Day of Prayer for Women
World Day of Prayer for the Women of Chile will be held in our Church Friday March 4th at 2:00pm. All are welcome. Please bring canned or dried goods for our food bank. Refreshments to follow service. See Bulletin Board for more information or Susan Charlebois at 514-769-9678

Special Lenten Events
Lent will soon be upon us and with the help of a very enthusiastic Liturgy Committee, there will be many, varied occasions for praise, worship and reflection.
Some of which are:
1.A two evening retreat with St. Jean de Brébeuf.
2.Praise and Worship evening
(music, songs and readings)
3.Way of the Cross (Development and Peace)
4.Mass for the sick and elderly with an Anointing service.
as well as some others, still in the planning stage. Should you be interested, please consult future bulletins for the times and dates, or call the rectory. (Drivers have already volunteered to pick up those who would require a lift.

Our Food Pantry
This week’s special request is –Rice or grain products. Look to this spot each week as we will be suggesting a different item to bring in. Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support!!

Shrove Tuesday – March 8th
To prepare for Lent we will be having a Pancake Supper at 5:30pm on Tuesday March 8th. All are welcome to attend. In the spirit of Lent and alms giving, we ask for a non-perishable food donation. As well, we are looking for volunteers to help Fr. Stephen prepare and serve the food.

The Ignatian Workout
with theologian and writer Timothy Muldoon: A seminar on exploring Ignatian
spirituality as a way of learning the process of discerning our desires is offered Friday, March 18 and Saturday, March 19. Contact 514-481-1064 or

School Break at Marguerite Bourgeoys Museum- (400 Saint Paul St. E., Montreal, 514-282-8670, During the March Break (March 1 to 13, 2011), children and students 16 years and under are invited to the museum free of charge. View:


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