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Parish Bulletin

Sunday April 28 2013

Board of Wardens
Joseph Brisindi Angèle LaFlêche
Dan Ormsby Nicholas Pinto
Paul Moreau

Administrative Assistant: Yvonne Pelling
PCL, Coordinator: Helene DiLallo
Custodian: Chris Ramdhanie

351 Willibrord Avenue, Verdun, H4G 2T7
Tel : (514) 769-9678 Fax : (514) 761-1717
Email ~ stwillibrordparish
Parish website ~ www. stwillibrord
PASTOR ~ Rev. Father Stephen Otvos

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under “Willibrord Parish”)

CONFESSIONS will be heard 15 minutes before
each Mass ~ weekdays, as well as on weekends.

Baptisms will take place on the fourth Sunday of the month at 12.00 noon. Parents wishing to have their child baptized are asked to contact the Parish Office at, 514-769-9678.
A meeting with Parents and Godparents* is a pre-requisite. *Please note: Godparents must be baptized and confirmed in the Catholic Faith to be eligible to serve as sponsors.

100th Anniversary
Saturday June 8th – Cocktail Reception
Cameron Hall – 325 Willibrord
Invited guests, archival display, refreshments and more!
Limited Tickets – FREE
(due to capacity of the hall)

Sunday June 9th – Block Party
After the 10:30am Mass we will open our doors to the community by hosting
“Sunday Fun-day”.
Hot dogs, popcorn, surprise treats, activities for the kids, tours of the Church. Bring your family and friends and help us to celebrate this special occasion.

100th Anniversary Gala - CANCELLED
It is with regret that we announce that our Gala reception that was to take place on Friday June 7 is being cancelled.
This decision was made by both Fr. Stephen Otvos and the 100th Anniversary Committee after much discussion about the poor ticket sales.
Had ticket sales been more fruitful the event would have paid for itself. At this point, they do not feel that it would be fiscally responsible for the church to take on such an expense.
It would appear that there is an overall lack of interest in the celebrations, in general, as few tickets have been requested even for the cocktail reception, which is free and is being held at the Parish on Saturday June 8th. This event will still be taking place after the 5pm Mass which will be officiated by Archbishop Christian Lépine.
At this time, we would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who did purchase tickets, as it is parishioners as yourselves whose show of support allows us to continue serving the Lord in joyful hope.

Summer Bible Camp
Ages 5 and Up
June 24- July 5
sign-up sheets are available at the back of the church. Start telling your family, neighbours and friends.

Thursday May 2, 2013
The National Day of Prayer
is an annual day of observance held on the first Thursday of May, when people are asked "to turn to God in prayer and meditation" for our nations. This Day of Prayer is celebrated by many religions, including Christians , Sikhs, Muslims, Hindus, and Jews. On the National Day of Prayer, many will assemble in prayer in front of courthouses, as well as in houses of worship, such as churches, mosques, synagogues, and temples. The constitutionality of the law that established the National Day of Prayer is currently under challenge by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, in the United States.

Warden’s Election
A Warden’s elections will take place this Sunday April 28th after the 10:30am Mass. A quorum of 10 Parishioners living within the Parish boundaries is legally required to hold the election. Please make an effort to fulfill this stipulation. Should you wish to present yourself as a nominee please speak with Fr. Stephen or call the Rectory.

Festive Dinner Dance
Our Filipino Community is working hard to organize a dinner dance fundraiser. Sat. May 25th at 6pm. Tickets are $20/adult or $50/Family. Kids under 5/free. Invite your family and friends for a special culinary experience. Tickets are available after all masses at the back of the church, or simply call the office.

L’Arche Soiree Italienne
Spaghetti supper being held on
Saturday May 4th 2013 at 4pm
L’Arche Montreal Community Centre
6105 Jogues, Montreal
Tickets are available at the door

Weekly Collection
The collection for April 20-21 was 1143.00.


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