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Our Fall Fair has been an integral part of the Parish since its inception. This is one of the highlights of our social year, and preparations begin in February. Please join us for fun and the chance to sample the wide range of items on sale, including the offerings in our kitchen. What we have is all brand new, contributed by merchants across the city and our friends across Canada. Volunteers to help with the preparations and in the days of the Fair are especially appreciated.

Originally designed as fundraisers, Flea Markets, Rummage Sales and Super Sales have become an important community builder where students and the less advantaged can find inexpensive pre-owned household items, clothing and furniture. The atmosphere is always festive and full of fun, and nice lunches are available at minimal prices. Flea Markets start on the first Saturday of each month (excluding July and August) at 9 AM. The timings of Rummage Sales and Super Sales vary.