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Christmas Baskets

Each year we distribute food hampers to those Verduners in need during the Season of Christmas. This tradition dates from our beginnings in 1913.

Support for this program comes from high schools and colleges that start fundraising in the early fall, service clubs and our parishioners.

During early November, those asking for Christmas baskets are assigned one of three days to be registered. They are asked to bring their welfare card, telephone bill, lease or Hydro bill, as proof of address. A note is made of the number of adults, and gender and age of any children. This is recorded for special gifts, which are donated by various people and sources. Great care is taken to process the forms through the Christmas Index, to avoid duplication, and in keeping identities confidential.

After much processing of paperwork, the boxes are then ready to be filled with food and gifts which are donated by parishioners, individuals and businesses that have come to know us. On the day of delivery, approximately 500 boxes are delivered to 250 families. Volunteers with trucks, vans and cars carry out this wonderful task with great care and speed.

The Christmas basket event is truly a labor of love, and an expression of joy of the Christmas season from all who participate. As well, we have been able for many years to give out about 350 hampers at the end of each month. God bless our many wonderful friends!