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Parish Anniversaries

Over the ninety-plus years of its rich history in Verdun, St.Willibrord's has matured from its origin as essentially a community of first or second generation Irish or British into a mixture of many peoples of diverse cultures that continues to reflect the makeup of the community in which we dwell. During the gradual transition over the years, however, we have built a history. As we edge toward our 100th anniversary we look back with bliss on some celebrations of our family story.

Our 75th anniversary was celebrated with a number of events, both liturgical and social. The main liturgical celebration came at the end of May when our Archbishop at that time, Most Rev. Paul Gregoire, graciously celebrated Sunday Eucharist with us. The late Archbishop, who was named a Cardinal by Pope John-Paul II only weeks after his visit, grew up on LaSalle Blvd. within the boundaries of St. Willibrord's parish. The social highlight of the year was a St. Willibrord High School reunion. The church was crammed on a Friday night in early May as we were treated on giant screens spanning the sanctuary to a sweeping audio-visual of our history.

The eightieth (1993) and eighty-fifth (1998) anniversary celebrations while celebrated with liturgies and social events were marked in a more restrained manner as we turned our attention and resources toward the restoration of the church building.

Also, following the pilgrimages and repatriation of St. Willibrord's relic we began to raise the profile of our patron's feast day, Nov. 7th. Today, looking ahead to our 100th anniversary celebrations only one short year hence, our prayers are for the participation of lay people, mature in their faith, to take leadership roles in shaping the future, and writing the history, of St. Willibrord's.